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Problem Statement

Lack of Services and Support for Transition of Persons with acquired Disabilities (PWD) back to Work

There exists a service provision gap in the community to support persons with disabilities (PWD), who have acquired physical impairment or acquired disabilities, back to sustained suitable employment. The needs of this population are multi-faceted and complex - due to trauma and loss from the onset of the impairments and disabilities. Professional and specialized service is required to ensure a return to work success.


Provide support for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) to find employment

The Transition to Employment programme (TTE) aims to provide persons with acquired disabilities such as those with spinal cord injury, stroke, amputation etc. with accessible, cost-effective rehabilitation, psychosocial casework, counselling and job placement and support.

It facilitates persons with acquired disabilities’ return to the workforce and ensures an enhanced quality of life for them.


Persons with Disabilities are able to improve in life skills. While caregivers will be able to provide competent care and support to persons with disabilities .

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    Persons with Disabilities

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SPD focuses on helping people with disabilities maximise their potential and integrating them into mainstream society. Through their programmes that encompass early intervention, therapy services, vocational training, assistive technology, daycare, as well as educational, employment and social service support, SPD serves people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities, helping them to become self-reliant and independent.