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Grant Call Objectives

The Enabling Lives Initiative (ELI) Grant aims to achieve the following objectives for each grant call:

Collective Impact at Grant Call Level

Developing sustainable solutions to address gaps and issues identified in various sectors.

Co-Creator Collaborations

Bringing like-minded individuals to uncover insights and synergies towards meaningful collaborations.

Strong and Holistic Proposals

Create innovative solutions that translate into holistic proposals in various sectors.

Evaluation Criteria

To create a successful proposal, you should focus on meeting both the sector and grant requirements as well as the following four criteria:


Proposed solution is new in the disability sector, or it is differentiated from existing solutions in the sector.   


Proposed solutions should leverage the strength of cross-sector partnership to achieve a greater collective impact.


Proposal must show a sustainable, positive, impact on the lives of people with disabilities beyond the funding period.


Proposed solutions should be supported by evidence, scalable and adaptable beyond the pilot phase.       

Accessibility: A community of the people, by the people, for the people

In line with Enabling Masterplan 2030, Grant Call 5 brings the community together to increase the accessibility of information, services, environments and products for persons with disabilities, such that they can connect to and be included in the wider society. Here are some examples of identified issues:


Face difficulties in independent end-to-end travel due to commuting routes that are not fully accessible.


Lack easy access to quality healthcare services while their caregivers face challenges in bringing them for appointments.


Lack avenues to engage in community-based sports and participate in structured sports programmes.

Grant Call Timeline

Date: Thursday, 13 April 2023
Time: 2 to 6pm
Venue: UOB Ability Hub at Enabling Village / Online

This info-sharing and networking event brings together industry experts from various sectors to share about improving accessibility in health, transport, and sports for people with disabilities. Join us to connect with professionals and learn from experts in the field.

*Limited slots available, confirmation email will be sent upon successful registration.


Mr Chiam Soon Chian
Chief Operating Officer,
Lumens Pte Ltd

Dr Chen Shiling
Physician & Founder,
Happee Hearts Movement

Mr David Zhang
Principal Occupational Therapist,
Centre for Healthcare Innovation,
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Ms Goh Guan Hui
Deputy Director,
Public Transport Promotion,

Land Transport Authority

Ms Kelly Fan
Executive Director,
Singapore Disability Sports Council

Mr Kyle Lee
Senior Manager,
Head of Smart City Solution Business Team,
Hyundai Motor Group

Dr Loh Yong Joo
Associate Clinical Director, Centre for Healthcare Innovation Head; Senior Consultant, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Director, Clinical Innovations, TTSH Clinical Research & Innovation Office
Tan Tock Seng Hospital

Missed the sharing? Check out our slides here!

1-on-1 Consultation

2-8 May 2023*

Consult the ELI Grant Team to find out how you can improve your grant proposals and expand the positive impact of your innovation on the lives of persons with disabilities.

*1-on-1 Consultation has ended.


Shortlisted applicants will attend a 2-day workshop to find out how to improve their grant proposal, integrate the social and business aspects of their innovation, and develop a more comprehensive strategy.

Building a community for a better future together

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