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Grant Call Objectives

The Enabling Lives Initiative (ELI) Grant aims to achieve the following objectives for each grant call:

Collective Impact at Grant Call Level

Developing sustainable solutions to address gaps and issues identified in various sectors.

Co-Creator Collaborations

Bringing like-minded individuals to uncover insights and synergies towards meaningful collaborations.

Strong and Holistic Proposals

Creating innovative solutions that translate into holistic proposals in various sectors.

Evaluation Criteria

To create a successful proposal, you should focus on meeting both the sector and grant requirements as well as the following four criteria:


Proposed solution is new or different from existing solutions in the disability sector.   


Proposed solution should leverage the strength of cross-sector partnerships to achieve a greater collective impact.


Proposals must show a sustainable, positive impact on the lives of persons with disabilities beyond the funding period.


Proposed solutions should be supported by evidence, scalable, and adaptable beyond the pilot phase.


The theme for Grant Call 6 is Unlocking Potential, Enriching Lives

Persons with disabilities possess great potential for personal and professional growth, and can make valuable contributions to society.

It is therefore important that persons with disabilities have diverse opportunities to learn and grow, pursue their interests, and thrive.

The three domains for this grant call are social recreation, lifelong learning & training and economic activities.


Persons with disabilities often lack options to explore their interests and engage in meaningful activities that are aligned with their goals after graduation.


After graduating from school, persons with disabilities often lack opportunities to continue developing their knowledge and skills (e.g. vocational skills) that are aligned with their passions and abilities.


Persons with disabilities often lack opportunities to use their unique abilities and strengths to engage in economic or financial activities.

The Grant Call 6 opens from 25 August to 8 October. There will be a list of activities throughout this period. On 8 September, a Virtual Sharing Session will be conducted. Following that, a 1-on-1 consultation will be organised from 20 to 27 September. Lastly, a 2-day workshop for shortlisted applicants will be held on 15 and 16 November.


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Date: Friday, 8 Sep 2023
Time: 2:00 – 3:00pm

Join us:

  • Find out about Grant Call 6 Theme and Problem Statement

  • Learn more about the application process and timeline

  • Get more insights into the ELI Grant

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20 - 27 Sep 2023

Consult the ELI Grant team to find out how to enhance your grant proposals and increase the impact of your ideas for persons with disabilities.

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15 & 16 Nov 2023

Shortlisted applicants will attend a mandatory 2-day workshop to develop a sustainable and impactful proposal.

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