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Problem Statement

Persons with disabilities who uses the wheelchair are at a higher risk of pressure injury and falling due to the consequences of sitting on the wheelchair for a long period of time.


The solution is to develop a smart pad, a device that predicts and prevent pressure ulcer and falling risks for wheelchair-users. Its automated monitoring and alert system will notify persons with disabilities and their caregivers of any crucial information.


The project aims to:

- Improve the well-being of wheelchair-users and their caregivers

- Enable wheelchair-users to live independently and perform self-assessment intervention whenever required

- Increase the self-confidence and producitivty of wheelchair-users

  • Grantee

    Anto Medcare Pte Ltd
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with Disabilites

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Anto Medcare is developing a comprehensive remote monitoring tool for wheelchair users using proprietary sensors and algorithms to offer self-monitoring and prevention from pressure injuries and falling risk. Anto Medcare founded and lead by Dr. Edison Bellarmin.   This project team consists of members from Anto Medcare, NUHS and Community partners. 

The goal is to provide independent living by allowing users to perform self-care monitoring, management, and self-intervention. Also, Anto Medcare aims to empower users and caregivers to improve the well-being, create reliable and meaningful experiences.