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Problem Statement

Persons with physical disabilities face challenges in real-time route finding due to the absence of a map application that contains barrier-free access information and contextual information, such as traffic conditions, bus arrival timings, etc.


Mercurics’ one-stop information portal collates information on portal on barrier-free accessibility in the Central Business District and selected mature estates.

This includes:

  • - Place accessibility and facilities – e.g. accessible washrooms and entrances;
  • - Path surface conditions – e.g. incline and bumpiness; and
  • - Micro-level accessibility – e.g. shelters and ramps

Through this project, Mercuris will also develop evidence-based recommendations which will be provided to town planners and relevant agencies to improve barrier-free accessibility.


Persons with disabilities will be better able to access real-time route-finding information, thereby gaining greater control over their travel routes and expected travel time.

  • Grantee

    Mercurics Pte Ltd
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with Disabilities

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Mercurics Pte Ltd is a local startup that focuses on the use of data to make sense of the world. It has worked with many large organisations to build custom AI models to predict human behaviour and provide institutions with the resources to improve the welfare of the people.