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Problem Statement

Lack of accessibility around places for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and Barrier Free Access (BFA) users

There is a palpable Government-led movement towards inclusiveness for the less-privileged, the seniors, and the less-abled in our midst. While the narrative has been particularly strong for the elderly, more can still be done to allow Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and also other Barrier Free Access (BFA) users, such as elderlies with mobility aids and parents with push prams to live, work and play in Singapore, in an increasingly fair, inclusive and dignified manner.


Creation of a System that provides point-to-point routes for Persons With Disabilities (PWD) and Barrier-Free Access (BFA) users

Design a scalable, self-sustaining system that can collect, classify and determine accessible point-to-point routes that are suitable for barrier-free access. This is done by developing a quantifiable, algorithmic and scalable methodology for route data collection, processing, classification and management.

Then, a comprehensive, nation-wide BFA route & navigational advisory system through a platform will be developed to visualize route accessibility.


Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) and also other Barrier-Free Access (BFA) users are able to use the system to travel easily from place to place according to their requirements.

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    Persons with Disabilities

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Trampolene is a non-profit organisation set up by A*Star to develop technological solutions to empower the social sector. Their mission is to build a caring and inclusive society with equal opportunities for everyone.