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Problem Statement

Lack of Affordable Robotic Arm Equipment in Singapore

Assistive auxiliary robotic arms facilitate wheelchair-bound persons with movement disabilities to independently overcome obstacles and accomplish various tasks. However,  the cost of owning such an equipment is a hefty sum of $70,000 in the current market. Thus, to date, the existing market product has a total of zero users in Singapore.


Creation of a more Affordable Robotic Arm

To improvise and replicate an assistive auxiliary arm available in the market to provide a more affordable alternative to persons with upper limb disabilities to gain independence in performing simple daily tasks.


SAARA is able to aid Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in carrying out daily tasks independently eg. picking items, aid drinking and opening and closing doors.

  • Grantee

    Relsig Technologies Pte Ltd
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with Disabilities

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Relsig Technologies Pte Ltd is a service provider and distributor of equipment to the semiconductor and electronics industries. They specialize in supplies, overhauls and servicing of automated wafer handling robotic arms for industrial and R&D purposes.