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Problem Statement

With businesses turning to technology and menial jobs slowly phasing out, disadvantaged individuals who experience difficulties accessing keyboard and mouse due to their disabilities face potential employment constraints ie. data entry jobs.

As businesses are turning towards productivity and technology, menial jobs are phasing out. More data entry and digitisation jobs are required. Approximately 25% of the disadvantaged individuals at VWOs providing employment services eg. Bizlink, are unable to find suitable work which fits their beneficiaries' level of skills and ability and about 70% of these beneficiaries have difficulty acquiring new skills.


To develop a single key stroke prototype device, One Click, that empowers persons with disabilities to overcome challenges in executing multiple key strokes via conventional keyboard and mouse.

To develop an assisstive device that complements a QWERTY keyboard for computer input, it allows users to configure multiple keystrokes, e.g. “CTRL+ALT+ENTRY” as a single key stroke. Users are only required to press a single button to execute multiple keystrokes. Device can plug and play with no manual installation of driver or custom software required after one time configuration. In addition, One Click emulates mouse movement using button clicks, empowering persons with disabilities who find it difficult to use mouse. It is designed to have big, bright and colourful buttons with LED backlights and all buttons are configurable according to users' needs.


One Click aims to enable and empower persons with disabilities with difficulties with fine motor skills to take up technology related employment opportunities that requires keyboard and mouse control, as menial jobs are phasing out.

  • Grantee

    ITE College West
  • Beneficiaries

    Person with Disabilities

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