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Problem Statement

Lack of community awareness and invovlement to motivate and mobilise persons with disabilities in sports engagement.

Participation in sports has been believed to bring about benefits to persons with disabilities such as boosting their self-confidence and it also helps reduce social stigma and discrimination associated with disability as it shifts public’s focus from disability to the skills and strength. These bring about indirect positive impacts towards employment and character development. However, there are about over 140,000 persons with disabilities in Singapore that has yet to be introduced to any form of sports.


To develop a PwD-friendly one-stop platform to reach out, expose and encourage persons with disabilities to engage in sporting activities.

The platform will allow persons with disabilities to connect with members, coaches and volunteers; chart and monitor their progress and interest; and eventually inspire them to take ownership to achieve more in life through participating in physical and social opportunities through sports.

Furthermore, this platform aims to integrate information from various stakeholders for efficient mangement (retrieval, navigation and sharing) and has built in data-driven analytics for effective and holistic engagement of persons with disabilities for opportunities with individualised development path.


The well-being of the Persons with Disabilities are enhanced through sports engagement.

  • Grantee

    Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC)
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with Disabilities

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Singapore Disability Sports Council (SDSC) was incepted in 1973 by then Ministry of the Social Affairs, Ministry of Education and 8 other organisations serving persons with disabilities. SDSC aims to create opportunities for persons with disabilities to discover their talents and find meaningful integration into mainstream society.