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Problem Statement

There is a lack of support for the holistic and psychosocial needs of stroke survivors with disabilities and their families, particularly in the transition between the hospital and the home. They also require greater support in the development of self-management skills.


This Integrative Health Coaching Post-Stroke programme develops and conducts a holistic, individualised, and strength-based health coaching intervention that seeks to support first-time stroke survivors with disabilities and their family caregivers through their transition from hospital to home. The intervention seeks to improve their emotional well-being by addressing the psychological effects of stroke. 

It comprises the following two programmes:

1. ARCH (‘Aspirational Rehabilitation Coaching for Holistic Health’): Equipping first-time stroke survivors with self-efficacy and management skills to better prepare for the transition to home and reduce the burden of care on family caregivers;

2. PEER (‘Peer Enriched Environment for Recovery’): Instilling self-management skills in stroke survivors with disabilities through peer-to-peer learning.


The project aims to support stroke survivors with disabilities and their caregivers by: 

- Improving their mental and physical wellbeing 

- Strengthening their relationships through the ARCH and PEER programmes

- Providing continuous care in the form of ongoing, community-based outpatient rehabilitation and support

- Enhancing Singapore’s health and community care system 

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    Persons with Disabilites

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