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Problem Statement

Multiple research studies have shown that outdoor adventures and the great nature help boost one’s learning and their general health. However, young persons with disabilities often do not get as many opportunities as their peers to experience outdoor education programmes.


The project aims to help persons with disabilities learn through their environment; bolstering their confidence and instilling a sense of curiosity to explore opportunities that they think are beyond their limits.

 Construction of a Universally Designed Outdoor Adventure Element Circuit that can be used by persons with limited mobility. It consists of 5 challenge elements that are adapted from mainstream challenge elements.

•  Development of a Virtual Reality (VR) Application programme for persons with disabilities and their caregivers. It projects a simulated environment that mimics a safe real-life setting. This provides them the opportunity to experience outdoor activities in a safe and controlled environment.

•  Making improvements to the Sarimbun Scout Campsite by integrating wheelchair-friendly ramps, pathways, toilets and accommodation. 

•  Development of an Outdoor Adventure Sensory Application that can be activated on iPads and speakers. These devices are planted around the campsite to allow persons with disabilities to independently navigate the campsite with features such as geo-location, audio and visual cues.


SSSA uses the outdoors as a non-formal education platform where young scouters can discover, learn and put into practice essential life skills through serving others and learning by doing.

With this commitment in mind, SSA aims to broaden their reach to persons with disabilities, to create an inclusive learning platform for everyone.

  • Grantee

    The Singapore Scout Association
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with Disabilities & Caregivers

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The Singapore Scout Association (SSA) is one of the oldest youth movements in Singapore. SSA is committed to the development and education of young people where it encourages the holistic physical, mental, spiritual and social development of youth with a strong emphasis on duty to country and helping other people.