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Problem Statement

Musicians with disabilities lost many opportunities to perform during the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting their financial and social lives. Many were also not equipped to use digital tools to create music.


The programme by Faith Music Centre equips persons with disabilities with digital music-related competencies.

Training extends to:

  • - The use of digital instruments such as MIDI keyboards and controllers, digital drums, digital music software, etc to perform and/or produce music
  • - Enabling beneficiaries to appreciate and use Apple’s accessibility functions to make music


Persons with disabilities will be able to enhance their skills in digital music instruments, create, record, produce and distribute their original music on digital platforms.

The original songs created through the programme will be published and shared on social media platforms, with online music distributors such as TuneCore and Distrokid, and through corporate and social service partners.

An online playbook on how to equip persons with disabilities with the capability to use these accessible functions for music production will be shared with other music schools, communities of musicians, social service agencies and Special Educational (SPED) schools.

  • Grantee

    Faith Music Centre
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with Disabilities

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Since 2015, Faith Music Centre has been equipping persons with disabilities with music skills so that they can take on corporate, social and public performances.

Faith Music Centre is collaborating with Apple (Singapore) to train and enable persons with disabilities to use and appreciate accessibility functions in technology.