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Problem Statement

There is a gap between the capabilities of caregivers and the knowledge demanded of them to better and more effectively look after person with disabilities (PwDs). Furthermore, to acquire and retain knowledge requires time and effort that caregivers lack due to the disruptive nature of caregiving.

There is no lack of interest in wanting to know more about the “why” and “what” of autism and intellectual disabilities. Yet, the general knowledge taken from the Internet can be misleading and confusing. The gap is compounded further when there is no single, unified and effective social media analytics and management platform that connects caregivers and build collective knowledge and experiences as a local community.


The project aims to enhance the cognitive well-being and capabilities of caregivers, specifically caregivers for autistic and intellectually-disabled young persons, through the use of relevant, pragmatic and evidence-based interactive media content, micro-learning apps and social media analytical solution.

To empower caregivers, the project team will build a platform where curated and created interactive educational content would be packaged into micro-learning modules that are comprehensible and suitable for different learning preferences, as well as connect caregivers to learn, share, and build their knowledge and experiences. As the process to acquire the knowledge is manageable due to the fact that micro-learning modules allow learning to take place in bite-sized portions, caregivers would be motivated to continuously improve themselves with good retention and application of what they have learned. Click here to visit the website created for the project.


Caregivers would attain better cognitive wellness and capability as the knowledge gained will be relevant and useful in helping them better understand their care recipients and the circumstances they face. This will see caregivers gaining better control and management of care taking their care recipients. Furthermore, a connected community of caregivers enables collective exchange of knowledge and wisdom to take place.

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    Nanyang Polytechnic
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The project team is led by Dr Ng Kian Bee (Nanyang Polytechnic) who is a neuroscientist by training, together with 2 other co-PIs: Dr Kee Ying Hwa (National Institute of Education) whose expertise lies in the area of sport psychology, motor control and learning, and research methods; and Dr Ong Say How (Institute of Mental Health) who is a child psychatrist and Chief of the Department of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry at Institute of Mental Health.