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Problem Statement

Despite the availability of adult disability care services and other community resources, there are still persons with disabilities who are unable to access this support due to various reasons. Many persons with disabilities are still not prepared for independent living in the community.


Empowering Bubbles aims to enhance the quality of life and promotes independent living of persons with disabilities who are not enrolled in centre-based services. Through different ‘bubbles’ sent to their homes, persons with disabilities are provided activities and tools to live independently.  

Empowering Bubbles comprises: 

1. Activity Bubbles: activities that enhance domains of well-being, including education, livelihood, social relationships, empowerment, health and more. 

2. Assistive Bubbles: assistive technology tools such as health tracking and adaptive mechanisms that allow persons with disabilities to live independently. 

3. Care Bubbles: transition and future care planning support provided by MINDS. 


The Empowering Bubble programme aims to support persons with disabilities by:

- Equipping them with skills to live more independently 

- Enhancing social integration to build circles of support with their caregivers and befrienders

- Serving as an alternative source of skill development and training for those with limited access to adult disability care services

- Minimising institutionalisation 

- Providing greater respite to caregivers and increase caregiver support

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    Persons with Disabilites

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MINDS has been serving persons with intellectual disabilities (PWIDs) since 1962. MINDS’ services include Special Education schools, Training and Development Centres, employment and job placement services, caregiver support services and more.