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Problem Statement

Existing dance programmes for persons with disabilities are usually recreational activities, and do not aim to develop participants to become professional dancers.


The project aims to develop life skills and enhance the employability of persons with disabilities by exposing them to a semi-professional dance environment.

The training programme comprising six sessions per month over two years will focus on developing dance performance abilities of persons with disabilities by instilling skills and technique training in contemporary dance, to them; and equipping them with the skills to enable them to handle performance-related tasks like technical management, and simple arts administration. This programme also promotes the co-sharing of rehearsal and performance space among persons of varied abilities.


Persons with disabilities acquire greater dancing skills plus the ability to take on performance-related tasks (e.g. technical management), thus increasing their employability, independence and mental well-being.

  • Grantee

    Maya Dance Theatre Ltd
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with disabilities

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Founded in 2007, Maya Dance Theatre's (MDT) vision is to create an integral space for Asian dance and contemporary dance, creating an expression that resonates beyond borders but is grounded in the visceral nature of the human spirit. MDT works with youth and special groups to provide arts and dance training. In late 2018, MDT initiated the programme ELEVATE to provide opportunities for persons with disabilities to become semi-professional dance artists.