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Problem Statement

Many children with developmental needs are on the waiting list to enrol into Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC), which may result in a lack of timely intervention as these children would miss the critical window to learn and develop.


The Early Start Programme provides early intervention and therapy services to children with autism and/or intellectual disabilities who are aged 0 to 36 months so that they can develop age-appropriate cognitive, communication and motor skills while waiting for enrolment into EIPIC.


The programme aims to:

- Enable children with disabilities to develop age-appropriate skills

- Enable families to provide timely care for their children and have the resources needed to participate in activities 

- Share the learnings and programme model with service providers within the early intervention sector

  • Grantee

    Down Syndrome Association
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with Disabilites

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Formed in 1995 and officially recognised by NCSS in 1997 as a social service agency. Down Syndrome Association (Singapore) )DSA) is a self-funding, non-profit, social service agency which works closely and regularly with community partners, healthcare, and educational professionals.