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Problem Statement

Persons with persons with disabilities face many barriers to learning and challenges in life, mostly due to psychological and emotional issues and not having formal education and career paths.

Persons with disabilities cognitive and emotional well-being are affected, sometimes making them unprepared for a better future. In addition, field trips, overseas expeditions and educational tours for persons with disabilities are often constrained by logistics. Therefore, providing experential learning opportunities in a digital environment will help them build self-confidence and enhance their well-being.


To provide experential learning opportunities for persons with disabilities in a digital environment that is safe, calming and motivational.

Using projection techniques onto walls and floor, controlled via software, persons with disabilities are immersed in environments where they interact with the projections. The system allows schools without programming skills, to easily build contents (scenes, questions etc) and touch points that reveal information, answers, etc. The immersive interactive technology provides accessibility to as close to a first-person experience as possible, in safe environments that is calming yet stimulating for persons with disabilities to learn. This will improve their cognitive, psychological and emotional wellbeing, and prepare them for a better future.

SPED Schools will also be equipped with skills that would enable them to build their internal capability for sustainable cost-effective provision of effective programmes for their beneficiaries’ ongoing learning needs and experiences.


Digital Dream will help level up persons with disabilities opportunities, bring changes to their moods, concentration and behaviour through empowered experiential learning. This would enable them to improve their cognitive, emotional well-being and gain self-confidence.

  • Grantee

    Digital DREAM
  • Beneficiaries

    Students with Special Needs (persons with disabilities)

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Established in 2016, Digital DREAM aims to bring cutting edge yet affordable experiential technologies and education to the masses. As part of their social enterprise mission, Digital DREAM brings together like minded professionals who share a common passion of reaching out to the community, providing them with easy access to the benefits of technology. They also aim to provide opportunities to train and employ these beneficiaries back into our ecosystem for advancing the technology.