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Problem Statement

Lack of Support Services in Helping Persons Cope with Loss of Sight

Currently, persons who have lost their sight are generally left on their own to cope with the issues related to blindness. A person with visual-related changes or challenges may add a unique set of realistic and practical aspects to his or her life experiences, thus counselling may be beneficial.


Develop and Deliver a Holistic Counselling Service

Providing the blind with a counselling programme to help them transition more smoothly across life stages and enable them to use assistive technologies to overcome some of the barriers to learning, work or independent living.


Persons with low vision or visual impairment will be able to access counselling services and get assistance in identifying their AT needs and plan for their transition from one life stage to another.

  • Grantee

    iC2 PrepHouse Limited
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with disabilities

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Set up in 2012, iC2 PrepHouse provides structured educational and rehabilitative programmes to empower and enable children and youth with visual impairment to live life confidently and independently. 

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