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Problem Statement

There are many limitations in the existing befriending process: inefficient matching of befrienders and persons with disabilities, difficulty in sustaining befrienders’ motivation and challenges in meeting their increasing demand for disability-related knowledge.


The digital solution by Rainbow Centre aims to:

  • - Connect befrienders with persons with disabilities and match them effectively based on interests and proximity
  • - Build the capability of befrienders by providing training resources and educational content on disability issues and how to integrate persons with disabilities into communities.
  • - Sustain befrienders’ motivation along their journey by giving them a platform to chart their knowledge and growth


Effective matching of knowledgeable and motivated befrienders with persons with disabilities and the development of an efficient and progressive volunteer management process.

  • Grantee

    Rainbow Centre (Singapore)
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with Disabilities

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Rainbow Centre (Singapore) is a social service agency in Singapore. It operates three special education campuses at Margaret Drive School, Yishun Park and Admiralty Lane for infants, children and youths with special needs.

For this programme, Rainbow Centre is collaborating with Superhero Me, an inclusive arts group, to increase outreach and befriender recruitment, and is working with universities like National Technological University, Yale-NUS, and School of the Arts Singapore to recruit befrienders.