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Problem Statement

Lack of Employment for Youths with Muscle Dystrophy

Some MDAS youth members were noticed idling aimlessly at home and not suitable for employment due to lack of motivation and direction. To make matters worse, they became more withdrawn due to further deterioration of their health condition. This led to the loss of Self-worth and purpose of living.


Creating a programme to prepare the youths for their transition to work

The BRIDGE programme aims to nurture and build the capacity and capabilities of individuals with muscular dystrophy and prepare them for suitable employment.

The programme offers a holistic and customised curriculum to allow individuals to build up self-confidence, social, life and work skills in preparation for their transition to work.


Individuals with muscular dystrophy are able to grow in capabilities and self-skills and are able to take on work projects.

  • Grantee

    Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore)
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with Muscular Dystrophy

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The Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore), MDAS, is a self-help organisation established in 2000 to empower people with Muscular Dystrophy as well as their families. MDAS aims to render its fullest support to the community by extending its membership privileges to all children, youth and adults with Muscular Dystrophy as well as their families.