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Problem Statement

The challenges that persons with disabilities face with changing clothes can lead to great physical strain and emotional stress, especially for ageing caregivers of persons with disabilities (PWDs) and their family members.


The project aims to work with caregivers and persons with disabilities to design adaptive clothing. It also plans to encourage the formation of a caregiver support network as caregivers go through the programme.

Here are the various components:

• The Development programme is a series of workshops for caregivers to pick up and hone skills such as sewing, event management and retail management.

• The Engagement programme is a fashion show, where caregivers and care recipients can partake in the preparation and running of the show, such as sewing the clothing collection; becoming models on the runway; helping to do makeup; and/or managing the event.

• Development of e-commerce site with mobile app function that enables the purchasing of items and marketing of collections.


Adaptive and Sustainable Fashion by Singapore Fashion Runway provides a platform where caregivers can form a caregiver support network and gain new skills.

Adaptive clothings enable persons with disabilities to dress themselves independently, therefore empowering them, and by proxy, their caregivers as well. The transformative power of clothes can bring about increased self-esteem and psychological well-being for persons with disabilities.

  • Grantee

    Singapore Fashion Runway Pte Ltd
  • Beneficiaries

    Persons with Disabilities & Caregivers

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Set up in June 2015, one of Singapore Fashion Runway’s aims is to commission fashion for a social cause through its inclusive fashion outreach programmes that connects everybody from all stratums of age and society, including persons with disabilities.