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Enabling Lives Initiative Grant Call 3, Living Independently: Stepping into the Future, Now.
Narrative: As persons with disabilities are living longer, caregivers worry about the care needs of their care recipients when the caregivers are unable to continue providing for them or are no longer around. Apart from tapping on institutional services and care options, tapping on the community as part of the support ecosystem could be a more sustainable option. This would also ease the integration of persons with disabilities into society, and enable them to live independently as best they can in the community. 
Problem Statement: As more caregivers age and persons with disabilities mature, how might we equip and support persons with disabilities to participate and exercise greater independence at home, in the community, and in engaging and productive activities, particularly in the light of new norms brought about by COVID-19 and the digital economy, so that they are prepared and able to live more independently with changes in the support dynamics and structure over time? 
Identified Issues: The first sector gap identified for Grant Call 3 is interventions for children with disabilities. The identified issues are: Lack of timely intervention to develop independent living skill sets and lack of reinforced learning opportunities at natural environments. The key outcome is to have more opportunities to practise and develop independent living mindsets and skill sets from young. The other identified sector gap is living and care options for adults with disabilities and the identified issues are: lack of capacity at Adult Disability Care Services and lack of opportunities for young adults with disabilities to be engaged in independent living or productive activities. The key outcome is to have more living and care options to enable adults with disabilities carry on with daily living and involved in community activities when natural support is no longer around. 
The GC3 virtual sharing session with be held on 1 April, Friday, 2pm on zoom. You will be able to learn tips from ELI Grantees, find out GC3 Picture of Success and a preview of GC3 Workshop. Registration for the sharing session will close on 31 March 2022. The GC3 Workshop, Co-creating for the Future, Now, will be held from 6 April - 20 May 2022. It comprises of 6 half-day sessions for you to learn how to develop and translate solutions to strong proposals. You will also have the chance to collaborate and co-create solutions with others.

Who can register for the Workshop?
The Workshop is open to the following organisations:
	•	Social Service Agency
	•	Non-Private Hospital
	•	Institute of Higher Learning/ Research Institute
	•	Social Enterprise
	•	Commercial Entity
Participants can register as a single organisation or register with at least one other organisation. Due to limited seats, up to two representatives are allowed per organisation. We may re-group/allocate participants based on similar interests and complementary skill sets. 
Registration closes on 3 April 2022. 
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How to make the most out of the Workshop
	•	Seek out other organisation(s) with shared or similar goals, yet diverse backgrounds and skill sets as your partner organisation, to gain more robust insights and greater traction in co-creating, implementing and adopting solutions.
	•	Actively participate in all workshop sessions and self-guided activities to maximise your learning, as the programme is designed as an iterative process for creative problem-solving that builds on previous sessions' outputs. Block your calendars and set aside your time to fully immerse yourself in the learning process!
	•	Above all, come with an open mind and be ready to be inspired with new ideas, learn from others, and challenge your assumptions - whether you already have an idea or not!
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